Behind This-N-That Trends

The genesis of our story unfolds with Dustin and Heidi Nowicki, alongside their three children, proud lifelong residents of Brenham. Their enchantment with the captivating ambiance of candles, radiating warmth and comfort, ignited a spark that led them to explore the art of candle making. Fueling this newfound passion, Heidi embarked on her candle crafting odyssey within the confines of her humble kitchen.

Heidi's initial forays into candle making were marked by imperfections, but her unwavering determination, coupled with the encouragement from friends and family, fueled her persistence. Devoting countless hours to research and refine her craft, she delved into experimenting with various waxes, fragrances, and designs. In due course, her candles began to exude a distinctive charm that resonated with the local community.

Embraced for their quality and personal touch, Heidi's creations quickly garnered favor among residents, sparking positive word-of-mouth that spread like wildfire. The burgeoning demand for her candles propelled Heidi's kitchen-based hobby into a fully-fledged small business, aptly named "This N That Trends." Today, her candles not only stand as cherished local products but have also cultivated a following beyond Brenham, embodying the remarkable journey of a small candle enterprise kindled by one woman's passion and nurtured by the steadfast support of her community.